Spokane Shock
Spokane shock logo
The Spokane Shock logo


2005 (af2)




Spokane, Washington


Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena

Team Colors:

Dark Blue, Orange, Gold, White


Brady Nelson

Head Coach(es):

Rob Keefe, Andy Olson

Division Titles:

1 (2010)


1 (2010)

The Spokane Shock are a franchise primarily recognized by the Arena Football Team. The team debuted in the af2, the Arena Football League's sister program, and competed in the league until they were brought into the AFL in 2010. During their tenure in the af2, the Shock won their division all four years of its existence within the league and went on to win two Arena Cups. The Shock would fold after the 2015 season.

Debuting in the AFL (2010)Edit

After an impressive four-year performance by the Spokane Shock during their time with the af2, the AFL decided to bring the team in to compete for greater glory within their league. To begin the 2010 season, the Shock would lose to the Milwaukee Mustangs in a hard-fought effort. They would go on to win their next two games against the since-merged Bossier-Shreveport Battle Wings and the Utah Blaze. They would lose again in week four to the Cleveland Gladiators, bringing their record to 2-2, and their home record to 1-2. From that point on, Spokane showed the rest of the league why they were brought into the AFL. The Shock would go on to win eleven straight games, including one point wins over the Orlando Predators and Arizona Rattlers and an overtime finish in a rematch with Cleveland. The Shock would lose their final game of the season against the debuting Jacksonville Sharks in a pointless effort, seeing as the Shock secured a playoff spot weeks before. The Shock won their division and had an overall record of 13-3 for the 2010 season. In the first round of the playoffs, the Spokane Shock hosted the divisional rival Arizona Rattlers, whom the Shock had defeated twice earlier in the season. They would go on to win the bout 57-49. In the National Conference Game, the Shock faced off with another divisional rival in the Milwaukee Mustangs, whom the Shock went 1-1 with in the regular season. They would win against the Mustangs with a final score of 60-57, bringing them to the ArenaBowl in their very first season with the AFL. They went on to face the Tampa Bay Storm in ArenaBowl XXIII, where they wrapped up a thrilling season with an ArenaBowl win. The Spokane Shock became the only team within the AFL to win both the ArenaBowl and the af2's Arena Cup.

Since Winning a Championship (2011-2013)Edit

With an ArenaBowl Championship under their belt, the Shock went on with their heads held high going into the 2011 season. Their heads may have been just a bit too high, however, as the Shock would start the 2011 season with a three game losing streak, including a loss to the Cleveland Gladiators, who beat the Shock during the 2010 season. Their first win came in week four, the same week that the Shock lost their first game in the previous season, with a beatdown of the Kansas City Command. The Shock's struggles continued as they went 3-4 in the next seven weeks, bringing their record to 4-7, already far worse than their debut record with the AFL. Hope started to compile as the Shock won their next three games by a combined 45 points, putting them back in the playoff hunt. That hope would pay off, as the Shock went 2-2 in the last few weeks of the regular season, narrowly making the playoffs with an overall record of 9-9 for the 2011 season. However, the Spokane Shock would have to face the divisional rival Arizona Rattlers at home in the first round of the playoffs. The Shock's record against the Rattlers was 1-1, and their away record was a pitiful 2-7. They would lose to their divisional foes in the first round of the playoffs by a score of 33-62, ending their second season with the league.

Going into the 2012 season, Spokane decided to part ways with former head coach Rob Keefe in order to hire Andy Olson. With minimal expectations after a disappointing second season, the Shock looked to rebound to their championship form. The 2012 season began with an overtime loss to the Iowa Barnstormers. The Shock would then go on to win against the San Antonio Talons the next week in a close bout, finishing 63-60. The next two weeks, the Shock would lose both games by a combined 35 points. The next two weeks after that, they would win both games by a combined 39 points. The Shock seemed to show flashes of their previous self as they went 5-3 up through week fifteen, including an overtime win against the New Orleans VooDoo, putting their record at 8-6. The Shock would lose their next two games, then win their last two games, putting their overall record for the 2012 season at 10-8. They would not make the playoffs.

Leading up to the 2013 season, then starting quarterback for the Shock, Kyle Rowley, had signed a deal with the Orlando Predators. The Shock would then appoint Erik Meyer as the new starting quarterback, after years of being Rowley's back-up. Meyer always had potential, but was overlooked by Rowley's starting capabilities. This didn't last long, however, as Meyer would start the season with a three game winning streak, throwing fifteen touchdowns and no interceptions in that time span.

Overall StatisticsEdit

Overall Record 68-46
Home Record 39-18
Away Record 29-28
Overtime Record 3-1
Playoff Record 4-4
Total Seasons in AFL 6
Most Points Scored in a Game 90 (6/23/12)
Least Points Scored in a Game 26 (6/5/15)
Best Single-Season Record 14-4 (2013)
Worst Single-Season Record 7-11 (2015)
Longest Winning Streak 11
Longest Losing Streak 4
Longest Home Winning Streak 9
Longest Road Winning Streak 7