San Jose SaberCats
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San Jose, California


HP Pavilion

Team Colors:

Saber Gold, Coral Green, Platinum, Black


John Fry, William Randy Fry, David Fry, Kathryn J. Kolder, and Darren Arbet

Head Coach(es):

Todd Shell, Darren Arbet

Division Titles:

10 (1995, 2000-03, 2006-08, 2014-2015)


4 (2002, 2004, 2007, 2015)

The San Jose SaberCats are a franchise primarily recognized by the Arena Football League. The team was founded in 1995 and played in every AFL season except the 2010 season. Their last head coach, Darren Arbet, had been the head coach of the SaberCats since 1999, and was the longest tenured head coach in AFL history. The team folded after the 2015 season.

Overall Statistics Edit

Overall Record 217-110
Home Record 131-39
Away Record 84-70
Overtime Record 7-3
Playoff Record 19-12
Total Seasons in AFL 19
Most Points Scored in a Game 89 (4/22/05)
Least Points Scored in a Game 18 (4/26/96)
Best Single-Season Record 17-1 (2015)
Worst Single-Season Record 7-11 (2011)
Longest Winning Streak 13
Longest Losing Streak 7
Longest Home Winning Streak 18
Longest Road Winning Streak 9