San Antonio Talons
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2000 (af2)




San Antonio, Texas



Team Colors:

Black, Blue, White


Rob Yowell/AFL

Head Coach(es):

Mitch Allner, Lee Johnson

Division Titles:

2 (2010, 2012)



The San Antonio Talons (formerly the Tulsa Talons) is a franchise primarily recognized by the Arena Football League. The team was founded back in 2000 as the Tulsa Talons and were a major force in the AFL's sister league af2. The Talons joined the AFL in 2010. In 2011, the team announced that they would move their base of location to San Antonio, Texas, renaming the team accordingly. The team folded after the 2014 season.

Tulsa Talons (2010-2011)Edit

The Tulsa Talons entered the AFL the year after the league took a year long hiatus from operations to restructure their organization. Going into the league, the Talons had high expectations after practically dominating the af2 in years past. The Talons opened up the 2010 season with a two game winning streak against the Tampa Bay Storm and Dallas Desperados. They would lose the next two games, including a 76-77 loss against the Arizona Rattlers. The Talons would go 4-3 from there, bringing their record to 6-5. The Talons winning ways continued as they won three straight games by a combined 61 points. The team finished the season 1-1, putting their overall record for the 2010 regular season at a 10-6. They would make the playoffs in their debut season. In the first round of the playoffs, the Talons suffered a crushing lost to the Tampa Bay Storm, whom they had beaten in the season opener, with the final score being 38-68.

With a strong debut season, Tulsa was looking to improve their team by making it farther into the playoffs. Thier hope wouldn't last, however, as the team debuted the 2011 season losing three straight games by a combined 79 points. The Talons won their first game against the expansion team Pittsburgh Power in a thrashing 45-22 victory. They went 1-2 in the next three weeks, winning only against the Iowa Barnstormers in a 61-60 nail biter. The Talons would then win their next two games, bringing their overall record to 4-5 midway through the season. The Talons productivity on the field fluctuated from there, losing two straight by a combined total of a measly three points. The Talons then won two straight, then lost two straight after that, bringing their record to 6-9. With their playoff hopes lost, the Talons went 2-1 in their final three games, bringing their overall record for the 2011 regular season to 8-10.

Move to San Antonio (2012-2013)Edit

Heading into the 2012 season, the Tulsa Talons had announced that they would be moving their base of location to San Antonio, Texas, and would now be officially known as the San Antonio Talons. They would also fire former head coach Mitch Allner for Lee Johnson. They would complete the off season with the signing of veteran quarterback Aaron Garcia, who had just spent the last two seasons with the Jacksonville Sharks and had won them an Arena Bowl Championship the year prior. To begin the 2012 season, San Antonio would defeat the Utah Blaze in their season debut. The team struggled to get into rhythm as they went 2-3 in the next five weeks. However, the Talons' rhythm would eventually come together as they streaked through an eleven game winning stretch. With a playoff spot already accomplished, the Talons would lose the final game of the season against the Iowa Barnstormers, bringing their overall record for the 2012 regular season at 14-4. San Antonio went into the playoffs looking like Arena Bowl favorites, but it would not go on as planned. In the first round of the playoffs, the Talons would lose against the divisional rival Utah Blaze in a close 34-35 game final.

Prior to the 2013 season, San Antonio failed to reach a new contract with quarterback with Aaron Garcia, forcing them to release him. To replace him, the team brought in another veteran quarterback in John Dutton. After starting the 2013 season with a two game losing streak, John Dutton was injured during the second game against the Chicago Rush. The Talons would name Nick Hill as the new starting quarterback of the Talons while Dutton went through rehabilitation.

Overall Statistics Edit

Overall Record 45-45
Home Record 22-24
Away Record 23-21
Overtime Record 1-1
Playoff Record 0-2
Total Seasons in AFL 5
Most Points Scored in a Game 81 (6/11/11)
Least Points Scored in a Game 17 (4/4/14)
Best Single-Season Record 14-4 (2012)
Worst Single-Season Record 3-15 (2014)
Longest Winning Streak 11
Longest Losing Streak 10
Longest Home Winning Streak 7
Longest Road Winning Streak 5