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New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans Arena

Team Colors:

Purple, Red, Black, Tan, White


Dan Newman

Head Coach(es):

Mike Neu, Jon Norris, Derek Stingley, Pat O'Hara, Dean Cokinos

Division Titles:

1 (2004)



The New Orleans VooDoo is a franchise primarily recognized by the Arena Football League. The original team was founded by the late Tom Benson, who also owned the New Orleans Saints of the NFL, in 2002, but did not officially instate with the league until 2004. The team played until 2008, when Benson announced that the VooDoo would no longer be based in New Orleans, ending all operations for the team and staff. The team compiled an overall win-loss record of 32-31 in that time-span.

In 2010, it was announced that the New Orleans VooDoo would return to the Arena Football League with the same name and upgraded uniforms under new owner Dan Newman. The team folded after the 2015 season due to dwindling attendance numbers.

Original Franchise (2004-2008)Edit

In 2004, The New Orleans VooDoo debuted in the Arena Football League and were successful early on, winning their first three games against the Philadelphia Soul and the since-folded Indiana Firebirds and Georgia Force. Their first loss came in a road game against the Las Vegas Gladiators, where the VooDoo were badly beaten 30-50. The loss didn't slow them down, however, as the VooDoo would go on to win six of their next seven games, making their overall record at the time 9-2, with an undefeated record at home. The team went on to lose three of their last five games, making their overall record for the 2004 season an 11-5. The VooDoo then lost in the first round of the playoffs to the now-folded Colorado Crush, ending their successful debut season. For their efforts, the Arena Football League awarded the then VooDoo head coach Mike Neu with the Head Coach of the Year award for being the first head coach in AFL history to pilot a team in their debut season to an 11-5 record.

Following their successful first season, the VooDoo debuted the 2005 season with new starting quarterback Andy Kelly. Their first game back resulted in a divisional loss to the Georgia Force, who went 0-2 against the VooDoo during the 2004 season. After their first loss, the team went on to win six of their next seven games, including two overtime victories over the Chicago Rush and Tampa Bay Storm. From then on, the team's win-loss record fluctuated frequently, going 3-5 for the remainder of the season, including a season-ending loss to the divisional rival Orlando Predators in the final week of the regular season, with both teams needing a win for a playoff birth. The team's overall record for the 2005 season was 9-7, just missing the playoffs by a single win. On a brighter note, the team had back-to-back winning seasons under head coach Mike Neu, and were expected to make a full comeback for the 2006 season. They would never get that chance.

Due to the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans VooDoo football team closed operations for the year in an effort to repair the city. Multiple players who were signed with the VooDoo at the time, including starting quarterback Andy Kelly, either signed with other teams or were traded off for the duration of the 2006 season.

With high expectations and the results of Hurricane Katrina looming over the city of New Orleans, the VooDoo were poised to make a strong push at a championship run when it returned to operations in 2007. With starting quarterback Andy Kelly back with the VooDoo, the team opened up the season with a road loss to the Utah Blaze. Afterwards, the team would go 4-2 in the next six weeks, bringing their overall record to 4-3. Unfortunately for the team, it went on to lose a game with the since-folded Austin Wranglers in overtime, bringing their record to 4-4. Following that game, the VooDoo would suffer a huge momentum shift with a six game losing streak, only winning one game for the rest of the season in a rematch against the Austin Wranglers in week sixteen. The team's overall record for the 2007 season was 5-11, a disappointing end for a team once considered primed for championship glory.

In 2008, the expectations for the New Orleans VooDoo weren't too high. With yet another starting quarterback in Danny Wimprine, the VooDoo were hoping to return to their inaugural form. For the third straight season, the VooDoo lost their first game of the season, this time to the Los Angeles Avengers. However, things started to look good for the VooDoo as they went on to win their next five games, including a one point win over the division rival Orlando Predators in week two. Their next loss came in a road loss to the Dallas Desperados, with a final score of 44-55. Fortunately for the VooDoo, they went on to win the next two games against the Arizona Rattlers and the Utah Blaze, bringing their overall record to 7-2. Things were finally starting to look good for the VooDoo once again, when the team suffered yet another second-half season slump. The VooDoo would go on to lose six of their next seven games, bringing their overall record for the 2008 season to an 8-8. With a 32-31 record with the New Orleans VooDoo, Mike Neu was dismissed as head coach shortly after the season had ended.

In preparations for the new season, the Arena Football League announced an end to operations for the time being. All teams, including the VooDoo were temporarily disbanded.

Revived Franchise (2011-Present)Edit

VooDoo Uniform

The New Orleans VooDoo Home and Away uniforms (2011-2014).

In 2010, it was announced by the restructured Arena Football League and officials within the since-merged Shreveport-Bossier franchise that the Battle Wings would be moving their city location to New Orleans, and would revive the New Orleans VooDoo franchise. With an updated uniform and new owner Dan Newman, the VooDoo would return to the AFL for the 2011 season.

Leading up to the 2011 season, the VooDoo hired Derek Stingley as new head coach. They would also recruit most of the players that had played for the team back in 2008, including then-starting quarterback Danny Wimprine. The VooDoo debuted their first season back with a four-game losing streak, which didn't look good for the resurrected team. Their first win under Derek Stingley came in a road game against the Cleveland Gladiators, where the VooDoo barely hung on to a 34-33 win. They would go on to lose two of their next three games, bringing their overall record midway through the season to 2-6. At that point, the team would go on to lose their next six games. During this streak, starting quarterback Danny Wimprine didn't serve as a reliable starter, so the team would occasionally switch starters during games between Wimprine, D Bryant and Chris Wallace among others. After their sixth loss in a row, Derek Stingley was fired as head coach and was replaced by general manager Jon Morris. Derek Stingley's record with the VooDoo was a measly 2-12. At first, the move proved effective, as the VooDoo would go to win their next game against the Tampa Bay Storm. However, they would finish the season with a three game losing streak. Jon Morris's record with the VooDoo was 1-3, and the team's overall record for the 2011 season was 3-15, after the league decided to expand to an eighteen-game schedule prior to the 2011 season.

Prior to the 2012 season, the New Orleans VooDoo parted ways with starting quarterback Danny Wimprine and most of their other back-up quarterbacks for newcomer Kurt Rocco, who would go on to start for the VooDoo. The team also lost Jon Morris as head coach, who then went back to being the team's general manager. Shortly afterwards, Morris hired Pat O'Hara as the VooDoo's third head coach in team history. Seen as a team in rebuilding, New Orleans began the 2012 season the same way they started the four seasons before, with a loss. The following week, the VooDoo would lose badly to the Milwaukee Mustangs with a final score of 42-65. The team was expected to finish the season the same way they did last season, with a terrible record. However, things changed when they went on to win their next two games by defeating their two opponents by a combined 34 points. From there, the VooDoo would go on to earn a record of 5-7 by week thirteen, already eclipsing their previous season record. The VooDoo would go on to win their next three games, bringing their total to 8-7, giving them their first winning record during the season since 2008. Unfortunately for them, the VooDoo would go on to lose their last three games, bringing their overall record for the 2012 season to an 8-10. Due to a poor performance by others in the division, even with a losing record, the VooDoo were able to make it to the playoffs for the first time since their debut season. Also like their debut season, however, they would lose in the first round of the playoffs to the Philadelphia Soul, who would eventually go on to face the Arizona Rattlers in Arena Bowl XXV.

With the VooDoo slowly returning to their former glory, the expectations for the team were beginning to rise as the 2013 season loomed. In their first game, the team finally won their debut game for the first time since 2004 in an overtime thriller against the Orlando Predators.

Overall StatisticsEdit

Overall Record 55-100-1
Home Record 33-45
Away Record 22-55-1
Overtime Record 3-5
Playoff Record 0-2
Total Seasons in AFL 9
Most Points Scored in a Game 83 (5/30/08)
Least Points Scored in a Game 13 (6/21/14)
Best Single-Season Record 11-5 (2004)
Worst Single-Season Record 3-15 (2011, 2014)
Longest Winning Streak 5
Longest Losing Streak 8
Longest Home Winning Streak 6
Longest Road Winning Streak 3