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Present History

Keep up with the teams currently active in the AFL!

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Former Glory

Look back at the teams that made up AFL lore!

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Winner, Winners

A list of those who have prevailed.

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Cogs in the Machine

The players throughout history who make up the team.

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About the AFL

The Arena Football League was founded in 1987 by former NFL and USFL executive Jim Foster. He came up with the idea while watching an indoor soccer match at Madison Square Garden in 1981, and with the encouragement of his peers, decided to work towards making his prototype league into a reality.

Now, the Arena Football League is the third longest-running professional football league, only behind the NFL and CFL. With its compact field size and indoor scale, the game is geared more towards offensive prowess, with combined scores of a hundred points or more being a common occurrence.

Notable Rules of the AFL
  • No Punting.
  • One foot inbound is considered a catch.
  • In Overtime, each team gets one possession to start. Whichever team has a higher score after each possession wins. If tied, next score wins.
  • A drop-kicked field goal is worth four points. A drop-kicked extra point is worth two points.
  • "Mac" linebackers may rush the quarterback without stunting, twisting, or dropping back into coverage. "Jack" linebackers are required to remain in an imaginary box behind the line of scrimmage until the ball is thrown or handed off.
  • A single wide receiver is allowed to motion prior to an offensive snap, but may not cross the line of scrimmage.
  • Balls bounced off the rebound net or sideline barriers are considered live until hitting the turf.
  • Defensive linemen may not stunt or twist their way past offensive linemen.
  • One offensive lineman must "declare" himself a tight end prior to every snap by raising his arm. "Mac" linebackers are required to line-up on the opposite side of the center and tight end.
  • Players are allowed to be assigned multiple positions.

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The Albany Empire defeated the Philadelphia Soul to win ArenaBowl 32!

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